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Welcome to Monte - Mindful Products, a swiss brand dedicated to offering activated nuts, seeds and grains: a healthier way to eat them. 

In our small business we create a space where we can express our philosophy of life, resulting in a conscious product designed for conscious people.

If you care about your health and the quality of your food, this brand is for you. Enhance the benefits of nuts, seeds and grains and give your body the care it deserves.

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Thanks to the connection with nature and a conscious diet, Monte - Mindful Products was thought for the first time. Motivated by its profound perfection, our project began to take shape.

We think about activated products to exploit the benefits that nature gives and also to improve our health.

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Every step matters to us, that is why we ensure that each stage of production is aligned with our beliefs.

We use certified organic cotton fabrics to produce our packaging, which are hand-made with care and love.

Our labels are carefully printed on organic cotton paper and ecological ink. This way we make sure we don't release toxins into the environment! In addition, they contain seeds to be planted and obtain wild flowers. If you prefer, they can also be easily compostable, without waiting years to be decomposed.

With just a little bit we can reduce our carbon footprint and give back to nature what it gives to us!

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