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Activation process

All nuts, seeds and grains are rich in antinutrients. In their natural environment, these antinutrients act as a protective layer to prevent the nuts, seeds and grains from germinating prematurely. When we consume them, we also consume these antinutrients, making it harder for the body to absorb all the benefits of nuts and seeds. This leads to slower and more difficult digestion.



The activation process begins with the hydration of the product, which breaks down the protective layer and removes all anti-nutrients. I also add apple cider vinegar, which I also produce myself. The apple cider vinegar serves as a ferment that naturally contains probiotics, which strengthens the positive properties of the product such as proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


The drying phase then takes place at a low temperature. This extends the shelf life of the product and gentle drying over many hours ensures that the nuts and seeds do not lose their benefits.


In this way, the body can reap 100% of its benefits thanks to the elimination of antinutrients. This makes digestion much easier. Activated products represent a healthier way of consumption because their existing benefits are strengthened during the activation process.

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