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Organic Activated Mix - 200 g.


Activated Almonds, Activated Walnuts, Activated Caju, Activated Sunflower Seeds and Activated Oats.


Super Crunchy! Perfect to add to your yogurt bowl.


Nuts, Seeds & Grains contain anti-nutrients, which do not allow the correct absorption of their benefits and generate a slow and heavy digestion (it is normal to feel abdominal bloating after consumption).

Thus, by activating them we simulate their natural environment, this is a step prior to germination. This way, we deactivate and reduce their antinutrients, generating an increase in its fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals content, allowing the body to maximize the absorption of its nutrients. In addition, digestive enzymes are increased so digestion is lighter.

Sustainable and reusable packaging made from organic fabric.
Labels made from recycled paper with seeds and ecological ink. Plant it and get flowers.


Store in a dark place.

Organic Activated Mix - 200 gr.

11,00 CHFPrice
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